Master of Music in Music Business and Entertainment Industries

Students in the Master of Music in Music Business and Entertainment Industries degree program have a passion for music and business and want to pursue careers which combine the two.  They come to the Frost School of Music to be with others from across the country who have similar interests and to prepare for a professional career in the music business through study with members of our renowned faculty.

Coursework, extra-curricular participation, and internships are vital components of the degree program. The program is interdisciplinary in nature with emphasis placed upon courses in music business, music, and business. Majors study music business topics such as copyright, music publishing, record companies, entertainment contracts, music licensing, touring, and music marketing, as well as others. Students are also able to take several graduate courses offered outside of the Music Business and Entertainment Industries program as electives, such as courses in our Arts Presenting and Live Entertainment Management program and courses offered in the School of Business or School of Communications. More detailed information about the program curriculum can be found in the Academic Bulletin.

Music business students are encouraged to participate in all of the extra-curricular activities that we have available, including internships, participating in student-run enterprises, and getting involved with various music business focused student organizations.  More information about these opportunities can be found under the Student Life tab on our website.

Our graduates are working in every different area of the industry – music publishing, record companies, music licensing, artist management, live music production, concert management, and intellectual property/entertainment law.

Special MBEI Admissions Info

With respect to admissions, most information can be found under the Admissions menu option above.  However, there is also some MBEI specific information to note.  When reviewing applications to the program, we consider the “total” person - men and women who show a pattern of achievement and the ability to assume increased responsibility during their careers. We will assess each candidate on the following factors:  Undergraduate grade point average, GRE score (if required), Years of business-related work experience, Level of current position, Letters of Recommendation, Undergraduate School, and  Undergraduate Major. 

An audition is not required. Any undergraduate degree is acceptable, other than an undergraduate music business degree. This Master’s program is not considered a continuing education program from an undergraduate degree in music business.  Rather, it is generally geared towards students that did not complete a music business undergraduate course of study.  If you studied music business as an undergraduate student, especially if you have taken courses within the last 5 years, there is a high likelihood that you are not a suitable candidate to pursue our degree.  If you decide to apply to our program despite this likelihood, you may be asked to provide additional information about the topics covered in the undergraduate courses you have taken.  If we conclude that the topics covered in your undergraduate coursework overlap significantly with the topics covered in our courses, you will likely not be accepted into the program. We only accept new MBEI graduate students in the fall term.

MBEI Special Tuition Discount for UM Alumni: Starting with Fall 2014, Students accepted into the MBEI MM Program are eligible to receive a tuition discount of 50% for the tuition associated with the program, if they earned their Bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami.  In order to be considered for this special discount, you must apply to the program and have all of your required documents submitted by March 15th.  This special discount applies only to students who are not pursuing their MM degree as part of a joint-degree program.

MBEI Teaching Assistant Position: Each fall, we select two students from those enrolled in their first semester to begin serving as Teaching Assistants (TAs) the following semester.  TAs receive a full-tuition scholarship and a stipend, and are required to work 20 hours per week on various assignments related to assisting professors and the program overall.  Existing students will be given the opportunity to apply for consideration during the month of October. 

MBEI Application Deadlines: Please note the following deadlines:

  • December 1 - for all International applicants to the program
  • April 1 - for all JD/MM applicants and those wishing to be considered for the Special Tuition Discount
  • June 1 - for all other applicants