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Two students relaxing during a break by Lake Osceola at the University of Miami Coral Gables campus Two students relaxing during a break by Lake Osceola at the University of Miami Coral Gables campus

MBEI students have many opportunities to gain hands-on experience while at the Frost School of Music, including internships, student-run music enterprises, student clubs/organizations, and conferences.  These experiences play an invaluable role in preparing students for their careers. More information about these opportunities can be found under the links on the left of this page.

Student Life

Student life is a way of describing what happens outside of the classroom at a university. At a residential university like the University of Miami, student life is an integral part of how students build community, get involved, and grow together. The university is committed to offering a wide variety of opportunities for students so that each person can identify an activity that fits his or her passions, interests, and career goals. Music students in particular often find themselves with competing passions and multiple interests. Students can take only so many classes per semester. This is where student life comes in.

Why is Student Life at Frost Important?

Student life is important because it draws learning beyond the classroom. Your program may have a particular course of study that you must follow closely to graduate. To extend the horizons of your experience beyond your actual classes, participation in student life is something you might consider. Not only will you make friends, learn new skills, and enrich your resume, but you may also be exposed to an area of study or concentration you hadn’t previously considered.

What are Some of the Student Life Activities I Can Get Involved With?

Student life activities for music students include student organizations, student enterprises, conferences, and internships. Conferences are large gatherings held annually or multiple times a year where industry experts convene for workshops, talks, and performances surrounding a specific topic. Internships are in-the-field job experiences for students where they work for a summer, a semester, or a year in an off-campus capacity in a real company or organization. Internships are often the method through which graduates land their first jobs. Student enterprises are student-run operations like recording labels that are housed on campus, but perform the basic functions of an actual company. Student enterprises are another great way to achieve professional experience before graduation. Student organizations are clubs or professional organizations where students build experience working together for a common goals.

Internships: The Fast Track to the Rest of Your Career

All students at the Frost School have access to the Toppel Internship Program, a valuable resource that helps student garner course credit for the internships they complete. On-campus and off-campus internships are available. Students who complete paid internships during college have been shown to earn more, post-college, than their peers who did not complete internships, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Other internship services the University of Miami provides its students include the following:

  • Job and internship listings
  • Resume and cover letter help
  • Interview preparation
  • Career crawls
  • Career assessments
  • Participation in the Professional Development Academy

Conferences: Get to Know Your Professional Ecosystem

Every year, students from the Frost School participate in Southeast Sound: The Southeastern Regional Music Industry Student Conference. In 2013, the conference was held at the University of Miami with Steve Barnett from Capitol Music Group as the keynote speaker. Since then, the conference has been held at the University of Miami each year. Keynote speakers have included John Simson from American University, Judith Finell, a musicologist who represented Marvin Gaye’s family, Ken Abdo from Lohman Abdo, Jonathan Bender from SoundExchange, and others.

Student Enterprises: Don’t Wait Until You Graduate

Student enterprises are the perfect way to get hands-on experience in the music business field without even stepping foot off of your campus. Cat 5 Music and Cane Records are two premiere enterprise opportunities with great reputations.

Cat 5 Music

Since 2002, Cat 5 Music has offered song promotion to a number of songwriters and other musicians. The organization supports songwriters in many kinds of genres including soul, alternative, hip hop, R&B, rock, indie, and pop. Songwriters can submit song samples to Cat 5 Music for consideration in their current catalog. As a member of Cat 5 Music, students learn licensing, business affairs, social media, events coordination, and administration. A variety of positions are available in this student enterprise every year.

Cane Records

Cane Records is the winner of an Independent Music Award in 2016. The record label was founded in 1993 and has released 20 albums over the years. Students can participate in music recording, engineering, production, post-production, A&R, and graphic design roles.

Student Organizations: Building Community at Frost

Student organizations are a notable part of student life at the University of Miami. New and fresh organizations are formed every year, though several meaningful student organizations have sustained themselves for decades. A few of the current student organizations are described below:

Music Industry Association

Membership in the Music Industry Association allows students to participate in a number of networking and professional events throughout the year. Any student with an interest in music entertainment is welcome to join.

Grammy U

Grammy U is a national organization that aims to connect students with off-campus music industry opportunities. Networking, conferences, and other opportunities are available to students who join Grammy U. South Florida has a particularly robust Grammy U chapter.

Hurricane Productions

Hurricane Productions may appeal to students who have an interest in working behind the scenes in the music industry or who have a burgeoning interest in events planning and management. Hurricane Productions provides free entertainment to students at the University of Miami. Students are involved in booking talent, marketing the events productions, and more.


WVUM is a radio station run through the University of Miami by students. At WVUM, you can serve as a radio DJ, a radio technician, a music screener, an engineer, or in another capacity. This station has a history reaching back multiple decades and provides Miami residents with new music every week.


UMTV is a University of Miami television station run by students. Whether you seek to be a news anchor, a humor feature actor, or a documentarian, the UMTV studio offers a wide variety of opportunities.

The Miami Hurricane

Interested in student journalism? The Miami Hurricane has a nearly 100-year history as the student newspaper of the University of Miami. Students can get involved with writing articles, taking photographs, drawing cartoons, and editing. Even if you’re not a journalism major, The Miami Hurricane can offer you with valuable, resume-building opportunities.

How Do I Get Started With Student Life at Frost?

At the Frost School, we believe that skills and professional relationships are built both inside and outside the classroom. We see student life at the Frost School as an integral part of the curriculum and an extension of what students learn during their academic courses. With a variety of offerings that span media and commitment levels, there is a student life activity for everyone.